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Morley North, Leeds, 20-30£
19/02/2017: Awaited my visit with anticipation. Been veggie for years and love everything Indian, both food and culture. Getting authentic cuisine is a treat. Have the cookbooks and tried many recipes myself, but the real thing exceeded my expectations. The flavours were subtle but very distinct. We opted for the tasting starter which gave us a good selection. Tasty and well presented. The portion size on the mains were generous. The Shrikand dessert was superb. All the staff were helpful and attentive but not overpowering. Minal, head chef, was lovely. Tayyab was knowledgeable and very pleasant and accommodating. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and wished I lived closer. Can't wait to come back. Thank you.
15/02/2017: We wanted this place to be mind-blowing after reading all the reviews here but unfortunately it was rather mediocre. Firstly , the food. Good menu choices but way too expensive for a vegetarian cousine. I have to apploud the chef from not shying away from spices but sometimes moderation might be the key to a really good food. We are both south indians and pretty much had tasted all of the menu before- at home and also elsewhere. The food was over-spiced and left a lingering peppery note on the palette for a long time. Apart from that it was full of flavour and you can taste the freshness of the ingredients.The biggest drawback of this place is the price. It was over-inflated ! I suspect they might be trying too hard to get the coveted Michelin Star. The portion size was small and I hate to say this, you can get better value for money elsewhere.When it comes to vegetarian cuisine, the benchmark is Anand Sweets from Leeds. Cheap as chips but great quality vegetarian cuisine. Even the Naan is nowhere as good as Akbar's pillowy-cloud-like naan. All in all, average at best due to the price. Better vegetarian options are available from Leeds. Try Bundobust or Anand Sweets for comparison then you will know what we mean.


The Black Swan at Oldstead

Ampleforth, Ryedale, 60-100£
24/02/2017: Like many, we were impressed by Tommy's food on GBM so when we were looking for a week away, we came to a cottage near here for the week. We were disappointed when we found that Mr B was actually cooking with the Midsummer House people on the night we booked (I know that small restaurants operate on tight margins, and no-shows eat into the profits disproportionately, but what about no-shows from the chefs? If I book to see the Rolling Stones, I expect to see Mick, not someone who's been practising with the band - rant over). But we shouldn't have worried - (which is why the rant isn't really directly analogous). 14 bites of exquisite food - and unlike other similar quality and style tasting menus (Clove Club and Man Behind the Curtain) - with a real sense of place. All the dishes could be listed as highlights. But place me in front of a plate of the chicken dumplings, with a side of the onion broth, and I would be happy for ever (as long as I could have the lollipops for pudding). The wine list is fantastic - most restaurants reserve their coravin served wines (when they have a coravin) for one or two bottles, given the time to serve. Here every still wine is available. You want a glass of y'Quem? this is the place for you. Will definitely be coming back.
21/02/2017: Before I begin, my review is not at all to be harsh it is just a true and honest reflection on my recent visit. The only difference is, I provide the level of detail in line with the territory I think the restaurant or establishment is operating within. Given the 1 michelin, 4 rosettes and wide coverage of this restaurant with rooms it is only right I express this level of detail.I visited recently and had a tasting menu dinner, 1 overnight stay and breakfast the following morning. As my title suggests the experience was just average. I left feeling a little underwhelmed and disappointed which is a shame as I really was excited about experiencing The Black Swan at Oldstead. Check in was straightforward enough as we were greeted by a very polite, welcoming and helpful young lady. Our room was in the house up the road from the restaurant which was only a short walk which didn't bother us. The house is very small and in my opinion too many rooms in one small house to ever feel comfortable and feel a sense of privacy and intimacy that some couples may seek when visiting a place like this. The bathroom was beautiful it has to be said. Our bed covers had a couple of black dot stains which is best to describe it which may have been pen or something similar however I didn't mention anything as I didn't believe it to be anything which needed immediate changing. I had 1 of the 3 rooms upstairs and I could most definitely hear just normal conversation in other rooms, moving around and even later on into the evening (10.30PM onwards) well lets just say, a couple clearly enjoying some intimate time, the noises did make myself and my wife feel slightly awkward of which we had to turn the volume up on our TV to compensate! The drinks menu very small however for what they did have they were interesting and obviously carefully selected which I really like. I just felt it was limited. I don't think I seen any draught beer or ales? It would of been nice to drink a pint sitting next to the lovely fire. In a nutshell, the food experience was mostly tasty with interesting flavour combinations and textures however it just didn't have the smack in the face impact which I have experienced in similar rated establishments. I understand it was a tasting menu offering however the size of portions are very small. Just not enough to truly experience the full extent of flavour combinations and textures on offer in each course. I completely understand the work involved to produce a menu like this, the craftsmanship and skill required not only for the chefs but for the front of house to deliver this. I just feel it doesn't leave you feeling that you've had an indulging and value for money experience. The breakfast the following morning I really enjoyed. Lovely cooked english breakfast which I was landed with. I really liked the environment, ambiance, lovely restaurant, very comforting and pleasant place to have your meal. The service was very attentive and quick and the staff did appear to be in control. I did order a beer mid way through the tasting menu but I'm guessing it was forgotten as I didn't receive it. At one point I did have a backlog of empty beer bottles and glasses on my table. The young male chef with longish blonde hair working in the kitchen in the restaurant however didn't look well. He looked extremely tired, deflated and throughout the evening continued to run his hands through his hair and eat food. I understand it is a pressured environment however I would personally only have the sharpest looking guys or girls working on that particular section as I don't think he realised he had an eagle eyed audience. At one stage I did see the restaurant worker, Alan I believe his name to be (excuse me if I am wrong), look over at the young chef looking concerned as he had his face in his hands looking like the world had collapsed. I always ask myself one question when visiting any restaurant, would I return and on this instance I wouldn't. It was just a little underwhelming from start to finish and I didn't feel I had the value for money, the smack in the face impact from the food and the privacy and luxury which I feel accommodation of this distinction and price should offer.


The Little Coffee House

Selby West, Selby
24/02/2017: Once again I enjoyed our visit and was made to feel very welcome as I entered. The meal was really delious. Nicki is always very friendly and helpful with our choice of menu. The mushroom and prawn omelet was so well cooked and the brown toast with it; was a nice change. The Latte was the final touch. No room for a pudding! Would always recommend this Coffee Shop to anyone. Just love the whole experience
21/02/2017: Dropped my car in at Motosave for some new tyres and had seen the wonderful reviews for The Little Coffee House which is literally a 5 minute walk away from the garage. The staff are so friendly and the cake was wonderful and coffee great. What a gem of a place. Highly recommend a visit if you're in the area.


Cafe Velo

St Mary's, East Riding of Yorkshire, <20£
21/02/2017: I did arrive at Cafe Velo by bike - but don't think it's exclusively a cyclist's cafe - this feels like the 'go to' place in Beverley at the moment - loads of office staff and shoppers were in.Great decor inside, and wall hangers for your bikes. All the food was freshly prepared with care and was delicious.Definitely recommended for all!
20/02/2017: This is without doubt the best breakfast in the yorkshire region...really would challenge anyone to find somewhere better. Coffee is fabulous the flat whites brilliant on par with the first one ever tasted in australia


Dog and Gun Knayton

Whitestonecliffe, Hambleton
25/02/2017: Called for a quick lunch on Saturday. Warm welcome by the landlady and waitress. Cosy fireside table to peruse menu - great choices. Decided on chicken pesto salad with sides of sweet potato chips & garlic ciabatta. All good was well presented & cooked with good flavours. Will definitely call again when we are in the area.
23/02/2017: Amazing food , very reasonable prices , amazing staff very friendly and helpful, Top marks , definitely recommend to all , Friendly locals in the pub as well having a few drinks , Pool table is good as well as the darts , the music played is also a very good choice! Easily the best Pub near Thirsk !100%!!!!


Ditto Restaurant

Whitby West Cliff, Scarborough, >100£
25/02/2017: We have tried a few times to go to Ditto but it has always been full. Our luck was in this week when we got the last available table at 6.30 on Thursday. The times are staggered in quarter hour slots as there is just the one chef and they try to make sure that all customers get the best possible service.My husband had the venison carpaccio to start with. The subtle flavourings of parsnip, beetroot, blue cheese on the paper thin, juicy slices of venison were amazing. I had smoked haddock raviolo with charred leek topped with cheese crumble, this was cooked to perfection.Main courses, cod fillet, which was just cooked enough to give lovely juicy flakes of cod complemented by sesame, cauliflower, broccoli, curry oil and a touch of yoghurt. Pork loin with romesco sauce, roast carrots and a delicious chorizo crrumb, which added a different texture to the food.Dessert, vanilla creme brûlée with a lovely gingerbread ice cream and cheese and biscuits. The cheese was served at room temperature and the biscuits slightly warmed which really added to the eating experience .The service was attentive without being overbearing, there was no rush to leave our table as tables are only booked once per sitting.We eat at some of the best restaurants around and Ditto is definitely up there with the best, we will return as soon as we can.
23/02/2017: We have been longing to dine at Ditto for some time but our visits to Whitby have all coincided with the restaurant being closed, (it only opens Wed to Sat).On this occasion we were visiting for a birthday on a Thursday and Friday so we managed to book a table in what is a very small restaurant with only one sitting.We arrived slightly early but this wasn’t a problem and we were seated adjacent to the bar, the table had nice little birthday touches which was pleasant and we were quickly served drinks. The wine list is not very substantial but very reasonably priced, they are not adding exorbitant mark ups here which is normally the case elsewhere.There are half a dozen or so choices for each course so plenty to choose from, we chose the crispy chicken skin on sweet potato and salt baked celeriac and mozzarella for starters, both substantial in portion size and both full of flavour. To follow we both opted for the pork loin in romesco sauce with a chorizo crumb. I am afraid we didn’t give this course the respect it deserved, it was very good but a week later I am now drooling thinking about how good it was, the sauce was first class and the crumb a very clever method of adding texture especially with beautiful chorizo. The sour cream also included just cut through the richness of the sauce and chorizo, very clever cooking and a really accomplished dish for which we gave credit to the chef.By now we were stuffed so shared a treacle tart with ginger ice cream, a perfect desert to finish a perfect meal.Ditto is serving fantastic food in relaxed and unpretentious surroundings, it is easy to see why it would be popular with locals and probably has its fair share of regulars. We have searched Trip Advisor to find a restaurant that provides a similar offering but apart from the restaurant at The Marine which is the hotel we always stop at, nothing appears to come close.We look forward to returning to Whitby and will certainly call on Ditto again, if we can get a table!!


The Man Behind the Curtain

City and Hunslet, Leeds
25/02/2017: My wife and I have somehow become sort of food tourists in recent times so we just had to visit. The experience is up there with some of our favourites. The restaurant is about to move so we were glad to experience the current quirky set up before it changes (we will try to visit the new place). It is extremely hard to book so I was lucky to book a few weeks back to combine a visit to Leeds with dining at MBTC.The staff are welcoming, unfussy but professional. There is a comfortable space between tables (something some pricey places lack!).Well the food is centre of attention, as it should be. It is a pleasure to the eye and the taste buds. My personal favourites were the Ackee dish and Michael's signature Black Cod dish (I didn't want it to end). I guess we knew what to expect with Michael's increasing public profile but every course brought a smile to our faces. The paired drinks were good and the sommelier again very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable again lifting the experience. Would have loved to have met Michael and thank him in person but I understand he is currently awaiting a new baby with so he quite rightly has his priority right being with his partner.Hope to visit again one day.
25/02/2017: A group of us travelled from the south to come to this restaurant after we booked it many months in advance. I think it was worth the wait. The 7 or 10 course tasting menus are reasonably priced (compared to the south anyway!) and I loved the artistic design of the space as well as the presentation of the food. All the plates and cutlery changed in every course and each plate that arrived was unusual and exquisite. We chose the 7 course tasting menu with wine pairing. Some courses were better than others, but overall they were fantastic. The matching wines were lovely although it's worth noting that there isn't a new wine for each course (we had 3 in total).Service was great too (although the chefs need to speak up a little - they were very hard to hear!). I would recommend going!


Duncans Tearoom

Richmond West, Richmondshire, >100£
21/02/2017: We dropped in on the off chance and luckily were just at the right time before the rush! This is a busy little tea room and not surprisingly so with the quality of service and food. the staff are very friendly and obviously enjoy their work. There was a good range of choice and the food and service excellent. Well worth a visit.
19/02/2017: We had a lunch at Duncans which was certainly one of the best experiences I have had in a long while. The staff were friendly but not in your face - it felt like they were old friends! and the meals we had were scrummy. The puy lentil and halloumi burger is like no other burger on earth and it might not sound wonderful but boy oh boy it was. I canyt wait to go back for another one. Even though we were really full we managed to squeeze down a cake for pud - just couldn't resist it. And they are all made on the premises!! - just go in for a coffee and cake and you will see.


The Hare Inn at Scawton

Helmsley, Ryedale
24/02/2017: A few weeks prior we decided to give The Orangery at Rockliffe Hall a bash. A lovely hotel, great room, but with wine pairing it was £40 a head more expensive than The Hare Inn. Yes Rockliffe will have greater overheads BUT....The Hare just knocks it out of the park when it comes to the food and the greeting. We felt the need to come back again just to remind ourselves what a truly great taster meal should be like. Since our last visit 6 months ago there have been a couple of changes to the menu, but what was impressive were the changes to a couple of the dishes. I won't spoil the surprise, but they were heavily tweaked and much for the better in our view. In reality there were about 12 different courses; we liked the Razor Clam / Crayfish dish but we ADORED every other offering.I know every review I leave for The Hare is similar in it's praise, but I sensed another step up here. There is development work going on at the place and it can only be this that prevents the awarding of that elusive Michelin Star. Surely those assessing for the awards are not so fickle as to consider the welcome too friendly rather than formal. It is sooooo much nicer to be welcomed as a "friend" rather than "royalty"Anyhow, they are stars here; passionate, talented, and a fantastic part of a quite superb corner of North Yorkshire. Oops, starting to read like Donald Trump now; far too many adjectives. Thanks again to The Hare Inn for a great night.
07/01/2017: Extremely nice food and great atmosphere and would.highly recommend. Visited with a group off associates and everybody loved it.


The Coffee Shed

Filey, Scarborough
22/02/2017: This is a must stop if you live in Filey or are visiting. The coffee is one of the best I have tried and I am very fussy. Also the prices are reasonable and the menu is very good. I will definitely be returning.
19/02/2017: Just called in for a coffee and some toast before heading off home with the family. Staff very welcoming and coffee very nice. Would recommend a visit.


The Duke of York

Myton, Kingston upon Hull, City of, <20£
22/02/2017: Visited with family on Sunday. The Place was fully booked and for a good reason. Luckily they gave us a table as long as we shifted within an hour and a half. (easy - have you seen my barbarians - sheep run when they see us)On this note I would recommend calling up for a table especially on a Sunday, it was defo a school boy error on my behalf.Food came with a very big smile and in great timing. Portions again massive especially for the kids but at the prices who cares if they leave some.I ordered the steak and managed to burn myself on the sizzler it was that hot.All the food was of a VERY high standard. Defo worth a visit BUT RING FIRST.Trust me if you have to walk out of this place with a nose full of the food you didn't get a chance to eat you'll kick yourself home nevermind drive.
18/02/2017: Just had the best meal for a very long time at this pub. Superb food and wonderful friendly service. Already booked to revisit. A must pub to visit


The Retreat

Grassington, Craven, <20£
24/02/2017: A really lovely visit for lunch. We were a party of 7 and as soon as we arrived the staff were on hand to create a table large enough to seat us all comfortabley.The choice of food was excellent. We actually had two vegetarians in the party so it was wonderful to find a place where they had lots of choices. The non-vegetarian members of the family really enjoyed the food too.The staff were so friendly and accommodating. Toilets were very clean as was the whole place.
24/02/2017: Our first visit to Grassington and we picked out The Retreat Cafe and are glad we did.It was about 2pm, the cafe was almost full, a good sign of popularity, service was very quick and the quality of food, Wensleydale Cheese and pickle sandwich and an Orange chocolate cake with a cappuccino was all excellent.We sat in the window and watched the world go by and thoroughly enjoyed our visit as I'm sure you will too if you get a chance to visit here.Cheers.


The Madras Restaurant

St Andrew's, Kingston upon Hull, City of, 30-45£
25/02/2017: Had a fantastic meal on Valentine's Day at Madras. We've been before and always enjoy coming back, the service is always fantastic and the food is brilliant. I couldn't recommend both the service and food more.
21/02/2017: Been to madras a few times and can say it's one of my top places to go for Indian. The service is great, such lovely chatty waiters. The food is so good, from the starters to the mains it's never disappointing.The naans are also great! Midweek deals are a must as well



Howdenshire, East Riding of Yorkshire
19/02/2017: Couldn't thank nick, Laura and all staff members going above and beyond for our beautiful little boys christening. The food was amazing, the effort they made with the whole day was exceptional. A fantastic place to eat and the endless amount of food was a winner for everyone there. Thank you!
18/02/2017: our favourite place to go! always such a lovely experience with lovely staff, would highly recommend


The Sugarcube

Filey, Scarborough, <20£
25/02/2017: Visited for the first time this weekend and it has now become a firm favourite! Delicious food and even better service! The owner really takes the time to make you feel welcome! I had my 16 month old daughter and she was made to feel just as welcome! A wonderful place and I can't wait to visit again
18/02/2017: Always a friendly welcome, whether on your own or with friends. Enjoyed the Blueberry cake and a cappuccino. Lovely to sit and watch the world go by through the bay window. Chat with the owner as well as other visitors to the cafe. Consistent with the quality and quantity of cakes. Looking forward to my next visit.

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