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Martin Wishart at Loch Lomond

Leven, West Dunbartonshire, 45-60£
16/08/2017: Had a very enjoyable meal for a special wedding anniversary in June. We had the 8 course tasting menu without the wine selection and thoroughly enjoyed it. The restaurant was not too large and the service was staggered so it never felt too busy. A couple of little touches relating to our anniversary were lovely and helped make the evening a very enjoyable one that lived up to all our expectations.
15/08/2017: Le dîner de dégustation 6 plats (j'aurais dû prendre les 8) dans ce restaurant est de loin la meilleure expérience culinaire depuis des années. En plus des plats du menu, plusieurs amuse-bouches succulents sont servis pour vous ravir avant même le début, comme la meringue de betterave. Le beurre est transformé en une mousse d'une légèreté surprenante et servi sur un caillou. Les accords sont surprenants, mais sans chercher l'exotisme inutile et subliment les ingrédients de grande qualité. Le chef sert lui-même certains plats et l'ensemble de l'équipe est à votre écoute et très professionnel. J'ai regretté de ne pas avoir opté pour la version à 8 plats tellement c'est goûteux. Je n'ai pas pris le vin, mais profité des explications très compètes du sommelier aux tables voisines. Fait rare et d'autant plus à souligner, il y a un menu végétarien qui n'a rien à envier au menu avec viande. C'est une expérience à ne pas louper sous aucun prétexte. Bravo à Martin Wishart et son équipe !


Number 16

Partick West, Glasgow City, <20£
20/08/2017: This is the second time that we have visited No.16 and again we very much enjoyed it.The small and intimate restaurant provides fabulous food at a reasonable price along with friendly but not overbearing service.The house wine which we thought was excellent was a pleasant accompaniment to our meal which consisted of pea soup and oh so tender lamb for the main course.We didn't have any space left for dessert.We would heartily recommend this restaurant.
19/08/2017: Lovely decor, very relaxed, small friendly restaurant which serves exceptional food. Can't wait to go back.


Ranjit's Kitchen

Southside Central, Glasgow City
19/08/2017: Great food. Great value. Great staff. Not a fancy restaurant. But a restaurant where you are served excellent food.
19/08/2017: We visited the restaurant yesterday evening. We had tried to book but no bookings are taken. We were told that if we arrived at 7pm "it should be ok" It wasn't. We were sent away for 30 minutes then phoned. Our table was ready. I say table but in fact it is shared benches in a small cafe setting. No problem for us. Our order was taken after about 10 minutes. After 45 further minutes we still did not have any food. Amazingly on looking round the other tables at one point, nobody had any food! The problem seems to be that there is a good takeaway trade which clearly gets priority. Those sitting in just have to wait. It is just not good enough. The owner's will have to decide what kind of restaurant they want to run. We got our food after about 50 minutes. We had 6 dishes between 4 of us which had been recommended by our server. One was cold and the others were quite tasty without being special in any way. A big disappointment I'm afraid. The cost was exceptionally reasonable but even that won't tempt me to return. Sorry!


Ristorante Piccolo Mondo

6 offers
Renfrew North, Renfrewshire, 30-45£
18/08/2017: Have been a few times for the celebration menu, absolutely fantastic! Great value for the food and drink you get! Great for a specials night out!
17/08/2017: Upmarket feel, friendly service, the £8.50 for 2 course lunch was very good value, food was well presented and tasted great, will be back next time I'm in Renfrew


The Fish People Cafe

Govan, Glasgow City
19/08/2017: Every so often you come across a restaurant that is so good, you just want to just keep to yourself. The Fish People Cafe is one of those. It doesn't seem a great location, stuck between a tube station and a multi-storey car park. Even the first impression inside doesn't fill you with confidence. It seems small and most of the room is taken up by a huge bar. But don't be fooled; the food is excellent and the service seems effortlessly effective. Despite the small room the tables aren't cramped and the staff are welcoming and helpful. The menu seemed reasonably wide ranging but keep an eye out for the specials. I started with the sardines which were served very quickly and the portion was huge; 3 large sardines which would easily have satisfied me for a main course. They were perfectly cooked, so the flesh peeled easily off the bones and the olive and tomato sauce was just tangy enough to bring out the flavour. Linda went for the special, which unusually in the U.K., was swordfish. This was also a good sized slab of fish cooked perfectly. The kitchen had managed to retain the flavour without compromising its solid texture. For the main course, I chose the scallops whilst she again went for a special, the Dover sole, which seemed an impressively large portion. By some magical process, the kitchen managed to keep the sole as a large solid fillet. Unfortunately, I didn't get to taste it because she was enjoying it too much and I was busy savouring the scallops. Whoever came up with the idea of serving scallop with a sweet onion purée and a salty bacon crumb probably deserves some sort of medal. After overdosing on fish Linda went for the safe option of cheese. which was pleasant, whilst I chose the bitter chocolate with orange meringue on a brioche. I don't usually eat puddings but this menu somehow lures you in. Enjoyable and not too sweet. Since Linda was driving I was forced to drink most of the bottle of Pecorino which I can also recommend whilst she focused on the water. By this point I was really glad the car park was so near. Total price with coffee was just over £50 a head, which seemed a little on the high side, but I would still recommend you try this place. But please, don't tell your friends ! !
16/08/2017: Firstly, apologies for the title, did it just for the halibut........ OK no more fishy puns.FC and I went to the Fish People Cafe a couple of weeks ago, me, armed with a load of pound coins for the car parks (there are two). However, if you were going to eat there at half past six there's a large parking bay just outside, and the parking restrictions stop then. Maybe we were lucky, we certainly were with the restaurant.As already stated it's somewhat out of the way, but the motorway is nearby and Shields Road subway is all of 20 yards from it's front door.The restaurant is smallish but well laid out, we may have been unlucky to get the table for two nearest the kitchen (visions of a Simpsons episode when we were shown to it). Still the staff were friendly and fairly quick when taking orders too.The food made it all worthwhile, I tend to be a carnivore but the fish here opened my eyes to other foods. I had the Portland crab on a slab of watermelon, this needs to be tried, I know FC has already made the dish for her lunch.I had the scallops which were cooked to perfection whilst FC couldn't miss the stone baked sea bass fillet. Both dishes are now firm favourites for us both.Pricing, nothing scary really, two starters two mains a couple of G nT's and fizzy water came to under £80, for the standard of food it's almost a bargain.,


Ox and Finch

Anderston / City, Glasgow City
21/08/2017: J'y suis allée pour dîner : tout se commande à la carte (carte végétarienne disponible sur demande) sous forme de tapas, mais les portions sont assez généreuses donc on peut manger suffisamment avec 3-4 plats pour 2 personnes (sans compter les desserts). La décoration est très sympa, avec une grande cuisine ouverte et des baies vitrées. Service très gentil et accueillant. Cocktails un peu chers mais à tomber par terre ! Les plats sont originaux et n'hésitent pas à mêler influences écossaises et méditerranéennes. Un excellent souvenir!
20/08/2017: Wonderful food, excellent service. Just one small comment, there was a daily special on a blackboard at the back of the resturant that had a very enticing salmon dish on it. This was not pointed out at the time of ordering and only noticed by our gusts as we were ordering desert.


Rose and Grants (Tronsgate)

Calton, Glasgow City
05/09/2017: "Big" breakfast includes 1 sausage.
28/08/2017: Great Traditional and Vegan Breakfast! Delicious cakes, good coffee!


Cail Bruich

3 offers
Hillhead, Glasgow City
19/08/2017: Another amazing experience , 2 satisfied customers , my third time number 1 course was the dessert it blew my mind,second was the pork meat course , Oh my!had the potato dish before and was amazing again.and the warm bread with the 2 butters , Jheeze!!I will return , salute to the head chef
14/08/2017: Had a lovely meal but I thought it was to expensive . The food was exceptional however I think over priced and the portions at points to small . If I order a breast of duck I expect to get the full breast not half and to justify the price for half a bottle of wine starting at £27.00 that's just to expensive for me I'm afraid . The food tasted great but there was a lot of style over substance and there was parts of the meal we hadn't a clue what we were eating . I am aware you are paying for the service as well as the seasonal food and lots of people will love everything about this restaurant but I don't think I will be back anytime soon to pretentious for me sorry



Partick West, Glasgow City
17/08/2017: We're back, yes, how did you guess?'Cos the last time, we were really impressed.Ok that's enough of the rhyming. After our first visit to Bibis we knew that we had to return sooner rather than later. As we were up in Glasgow for Ignition Motoring Festival we decided to go to Bibis. Made a reservation for a Saturday teatime, and I do advocate booking. Before going we knew that we were going to have at least 1 jug of the frozen Margarita but what to eat? Same as last time or something different?We were seated promptly upon arrival and were glad to see the place rather busy, complimentary chips with a dip and so to drinks. 2 beers, one tonic and a jug of the frozen magic if you please, deep joy all round. The frozen margarita is amazing, we thoroughly recommend it. Pleasant young lady took our order. I had the chilli rellenos and the wife had the soft taco. My chilli rellenos were fat and juicy and I dove in. Half way through the second one the heat kicked in; not too hot to be uncomfortable but I knew that I was on the chillis. A pleasant warming glow engulfed me. I would have them again though. For mains I chose the fish tacos, fish of the day was cod, and the wife had the enchillada that I enjoyed last time. Wonderfully fresh food and just the right portion size. The cod came battered, I would have preferred it without the batter, but the jalapeno & coriander slaw with a peach, pineapple and coconut salsa that it came with was an explosion of flavours.The wife had cheesecake again for dessert and I had a beer.We got the early bird price and it was £50.05 for the 2 of us. Will we return?????YOU BET WE WILL. Bibis is only a small restaurant, but it's not the size it's what you do with it and if Bibis keep on as they are, they'll will get our custom. Partick is only a few minutes from central Glasgow on the train and Bibis is a 5 minute walk from Partick train station.Another fantastic meal was had by us at Bibis.Many thanks everyone to everyone there.
14/08/2017: Came here for my 40th birthday with my husband, what a fantastic restaurant, it is small and cosy and the staff are very helpful and friendly and make you feel very welcome, the food was superb and the atmosphere was great felt like I was actually in Mexico can't wait to visit again


The Pr Resturant

Craigton, Glasgow City
20/08/2017: hi,my wife and i went into this little gem on thursday 17th oct...the first thing you notice is how small it is but that counts for nothing if the food is good...for starters we ordered the pate to which is better than i have tasted anywhere,,i was asked if i wanted toast or oatmeal and i asked for a bit of both to which was not a problem for the manager/owner...2 plates arrived with what looked like a meal in itself..(great start)..up next for my wife was the bon bon fritters"5",these were far better than any other kind of fritters that we have had ANYWHERE!..the main was sirloin steak with mash and peppercorn sauce, 2 large tomatos (1 fried )covered in balsamic sauce..i dont think 2 large tomatos need be on the plate, medium to well was asked for, and that's exactly what i got.."perfection it was)..the other main was chicken marinated in a sauce with rice to which was to the dessert...we opted for chocolate fudge cake and apple caramel pie...both with vanilla ice could not see the plate for the fudge cake and the apple pie just terrific....this restaurant is spotless as also the toilets...the staff (sally) made us feel as if we were it was only the first time we were in together...the 2 staff (david and sally) that covered the 44 settings was a breeze to them..although it was 3/4 full they were professional enough to carry it..this was all washed down with a bottle of pinot grico,,,all for less than £55....this place will never be empty and long may it continue..SO!, will i go back "YES"..without a doubt!"...many thanks to the chefs...
20/08/2017: Paid my second visit today with family, including my 4 year old. The portions, especially for kids are huge, and very reasonably priced. I had two courses for £9.50 and my son had two courses and a drink for £4.95Whilst the food is perfectly nice and well cooked, it's a bit bland. The restaurant itself is very small but doesn't feel cramped. My biggest complaint is that both times I have visited the place has been absolutely freezing. So much so that I had to borrow my partner's jacket today. I'd go back as it's local and reasonably priced for decent food, but it's not brilliant as other reviews suggest. And I'd wear something warm!


Da Claudio

Motherwell South East and Ravenscraig, North Lanarkshire
19/08/2017: Thoroughly enjoyed our meal last night once again. The quality of the food was excellent as usual, the steaks just melt in your mouth and are always cooked the way you ask for them. One of my friends didn't want the sauce with her steak but wanted the mushrooms that was incorporated in the sauce so they brought her sautéed mushrooms as a side dish instead. Nothing is too much trouble for them and they will adapt things for you if they can. Arthur and his staff are very friendly and efficient and we always know we will be guaranteed a nice welcome on every visit. I would thoroughly recommend this restaurant to anyone, consistently high quality fresh food and good service, that's why it is always busy!
16/08/2017: Had 2 meals there in the last week and neither were anything to rave about - had lunch yesterday and ate from the lunch menu and for 2 the bill was £30 - not something I normally do but definitely will not do again...£2.20 for a diet coke!!!!! Really guys....


Black Sheep Bistro

Hillhead, Glasgow City, 20-30£
20/08/2017: After a "busy" Saturday evening celebration we needed so comfort to get us through our Sunday.We were very fortunate to get a table and made the most of it!Comforting home made soup, mums style roast beef with goose fat potatoes & cauliflower cheese.. all finished with a platter of 7 not-so-mini desserts brought us back to life.. if not ready for another lie down! A brilliant little restaurant, unfussy and built on fresh cooked ingredients that satisfy.A great visit once again, can't wait to go again.
18/08/2017: La sera del ns. soggiorno a Glasgow abbiamo prenotato questo piccolissimo ristorante tipico scozzese con cucina casalinga. Abbiamo provato l'Haggis e le polpettine di haggis che erano molto buone e non forti come sapore rispetto a altri ristoranti, antipasto con il salmone.I dolci sono stati un po' al di sotto delle ns. aspettative (essendo una ex pasticceria ci aspettavamo di più).La birra servita calda non è stata un granché (abbiamo dovuto chiedere del ghiaccio). In definitiva abbiamo mangiato bene ma non benissimo.



Paisley East & Ralston, Renfrewshire
20/08/2017: Fantastic place to eat great food and fantastic service, 4 of us in party and everyone enjoy their food and the friendly atmosphere would highly recommend
16/08/2017: Love Cardosis a firm favourite with my boyfriend & I...also with family & friends. Tasty menu, great value, seasonal and quality produce, beautiful restaurant & staff are all lovely & attentive. Best place in Paisley to eat..yummy.


Jam Jar

Paisley East & Ralston, Renfrewshire
18/08/2017: Great night out at Jam Jar. Very reasonably priced menu with superb food. There is a wide choice of cocktails available- I can recommend the Cotton Street Cosmopolitan which was lovely. The peppercorn chicken was amazing as a main. The desserts were huge too !The staff were super friendly and the snug environment made this a fantastic place for a night out with friends.
16/08/2017: Lunch out with two friends on the recent holiday Monday. Glad we booked ahead as it was very busy - always a good sign.Food good - I had veggie fajitas - big portions and excellent value. Cocktail menu extensive and again very reasonably priced. Staff friendly and attentive without being overpowering.All in all an impressive first visit. Already planning to go again


Chin Chin Bar Restaurant

Strathkelvin, North Lanarkshire, 30-45£
19/08/2017: Wow words don't describe this place service amazing food amazing and felt like a million dollars when I left ,I shook hands and hugged with the the staff felt so important when I left ,t would recommend this place to everyone
15/08/2017: This is a great restaurant, we were celebrating a birthday and was greeted with a large glass of wine. Food great and always fresh, service 100%, owners make you feel as though you're the only ones there. We ended our night with a complimentary ice cream with a birthday candle and cans of silly string!! My mum was shocked!!

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